Writing Journal Prompt 6

In Enrique’s Journey, we read about the American Dream. But what is the American Dream exactly? Let us take a further look into just what makes it so great, how immigrants view this dream, and why the American dream is perpetuated as everyone’s perfect world.


My idea of the American Dream is a world where everyone has equal opportunities, a great job, a wonderful home, delicious food on the table, and some vacation time throughout the year. I imagine that everyone will be able to find employment with equal pay regardless of your skin color or gender and that all employees can provide for their families. A world where your salary is based on your job description and the amount of labor the job requires. And after work, you return home to your family and spend quality time together before dinner. Your work schedule is consistent and has daycare provided for working families. And you receive¬†vacations of 1-2 weeks a few times a year. Less homeless individuals, more jobs, minimal wage can actually pay for a small apartment and things like managing the basic quality of life. That to me is the American Dream, a time when everyone has the opportunity to live a quality life even on “minimal wage” and those who work harder receive more luxury.


Immigrants usually view the American Dream as a world full of opportunity. They feel once they enter America they will be employed, have health benefits, and enjoy a life of luxury. That they can provide for their whole family, and send money back to those who could not journey with them. Sometimes they feel like their home country is a terrible place where they don’t care about the people, and feel in America that people generally love being here. After all, most Americans do love their country, as they should of course! So I am not too surprised that the love we preach loud and clear would reach those from other countries. Although there are still a lot of things in America that need to be fixed like racism, not enough jobs, homeless individuals, no healthcare for all, and etc. But American is generally a nice place to stay and lots of Americans feel problems will eventually be fixed one day.

Back view of a happy family on tropical beach; Shutterstock ID 152536469; PO: today-daivd

Back view of a happy family on tropical beach; Shutterstock ID 152536469; PO: today-daivd

Immigrants are probably encouraged to believe the American Dream is real because in media that leaves the country we are depicted of having a wonderful life. You see a mother and father taking care of their children, in a nice house and have a cute little dog. People wake up and drink coffee, then head off to work, get paid, and provide for their families. That whole idea is appealing to anyone that ever lived. Who wouldn’t want to provide for their family? Who wouldn’t want to have a nice house? It’s easy to see how these ideas can captivate those watching these types of Movies, Media, and listening to Patrons of America.¬† Overall I would preach about how lovely America is, because even though we have terrible elements, as all other countries do, I believe that we can overcome these difficulties. No one country is amazing with equality all around for everyone and that needs to change. And I feel America with its diversity can be that place if we keep pushing the movement of peace & equality forward.

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