August 2016 archive

WIT Event

WIT eventOver the weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Woman In Technology event with my sisters. The event was primarily about how to market yourself and your brand to improve sales. We discuss the important of building connections with other people in similar fields, and that the person you know can make finding a job substantially faster.


When it comes to marketing yourself you want to dress in business attire, keep a positive attitude, and constantly sell your brand. We learn that everyone has a brand regardless of whether you have something to sell. The brand is essentially you, and how people perceive your business capabilities. This is how you will gain contacts and eventually customers. It is also a great idea to hand out your business card whilst in the process of introductions to leave the impression that you want to stay in contact. We must remember that consistency is key in marketing and business in general, so remember to stay positive and dress appropriately even if your off the clock. Always be the type of person you want to do business with to find great success in your field.

About Me

I recently started attending Georgia Perimeter College during the fall semester of 2016. My goal is to earn a degree in Computer Science. I have always had a passion for computers ever since I was a child, and that fostered my love for Programming. As it currently stands I have not created any software or applications, but in the future I hope to gain the necessary skills to create my own programs from scratch. The path to learning a programming language is hard with years of study to come but the general idea of creating applications that you can eventually turn into a device is wonderful. It is my driving force even though its uncharted territory for me. Here’s hoping that particular dream comes true and I can attain my ultimate goal of creating applications and software.

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