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(Interior) Built Environment Field Notes ~ Transfiguration Catholic Church

Transfiguration Catholic Church

  • did not take pic of the nursery inside because I didn’t think it was appropriate to invade their privacy
  • glassdoors and windows shows beauty and tranquility of nature giving a more peaceful experience
  • When you walk in the church, you immediately have a fullfilling experience
  • see people working
  • hear little childrens voices
  • hear silence and peace inside the church and the soothing running holy water in the little waterfall like a fountain pool
  • Blessed Sacrament, mosaic designs, and place where kept Blessed Sacrament; not take picture inside because its very disrespectful
  • library: books, relaxing: couch and chairs part and chatting
  • security: fire alarms, camera, signs, exit signs, emergency telephone
  • commodity: elevator, vending machine, bathroom
  • choir: great, lively, spritual; has percussion set, microphones, stands, electronic equipment, piano and more
  • statue of Baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary and Joseph: love, perfect family, unification, purity
  • The Poor: two baskets, canned foods; Poor Box, money to help
  • bishop hall: celebrations, round tables, stage, glass windows showing parking lot and peaceful nature
  • Virgin Mary Apparition: miracle, seeing it
  • Entering: what immediately do I see? Cross in center, Year of Mercy, lights, Seeds of Life Baby bottles
  • Temple: silence, tranquility with windows cause of nature, calm, hear the moving holy water
  • multifunctional