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Digital Environment Description ~ Atlanta Symphony Orchestra



This is the main page of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
The switched feature on main page
The switched feature on main page


The Atlanta Symphony website as I have observed over the last week, has a lot of options and says everything a person would need to know if they are not familiar with this site and everything available knowing when, where, and what time the events will be; I thought I would not find a lot of information but I was wrong. There was a lot of wording, a lot information about also how to buy tickets, group tickets, student tickets, ways to exchange tickets, how to pay for the tickets being in person or through mail or in other forms, what to expect if you are new to this, family fun, the Atlanta Youth Orchestra and how to audition for it and the ages, The Atlanta Orchestra, dining and entertainment, the directions to get there, how to volunteer, if one wants to donate, beginner classes, internships and jobs, the Atlanta Choir, and much more. This website seems formal in the way the musicians, conductors, composers, and more are presented…and the theme in general comes out serious to me but has a touch of silliness or childlike fun as well since there is also a pops type of playing as well and family fun so that all ages can enjoy this music entertainment since the general audience would be those that are older aged musicians, educators, school musicians, and just any person who likes this type of entertainment. This site is easy to navigate because it shows everything you need or if you have questions the answers, and seems somewhat repetitive I am guessing so people understand where to go to find everything even through specific links on the main links. The colors are mostly black and white, with all the other colors but it looks mainly that way in the way it is designed. This site has made me become intrigued, mostly being since I used to play flute and my dad is a professional musician so it makes me interested to learn more about this site and the concerts and more. The site is used for the general public but mostly by music educators, musicians, students in music or interested in music, and more. It is very detailed allowing for the users of this site to go where they want to go and find what they need to find. It is a very formal, serious, artistic site.