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Class notes 3/7/2016


  • ~Who is the audience? Tourists interested in NY, homeowners, people interested in homelessness, economists
  • ~ Purpose:
  • Critique economic system (economists)
  • Homeowners to raise awareness & to critique
  • to think differently in our position
  • arguing on behalf a historical interpretation
  • to inform
  • creating empathy
  • ~Context? when published?
  • 2014; Context 2014 economic recovery, unemployment not coming down, people renting more, ¬†(2008 housing market crash & economy- recession)
  • ~Why this audience?
  • ~What is important economy point when economy recovery, particularly ¬†creating empathy?
  • even economy recovering, only recently emerging from that experience or know people that had this, people more receptive at this moment
  • ~Audience, purpose, context in the argument
  • ~What is her argument? what is her critique of the economy?
  • media create that link makes consumer desire happen
  • ~What images do we see in media
  • Lavish; images of the 1%; conditions us to want that; moves economy
  • ~What is problem with this?
  • People can become obsessed with this; market collapse people got one their heads; get caught up on individual wants, needs, desires …… collapse people wanted to gain money and did not see consequences
  • ~Why Morton’s photography? What does Morton’s photography do?
  • maybe how Morton tries to generate a certain kind of emotion
  • images we normally do not see
  • ~Market crash …lost homes…mental illness, lost healthcare right before market crash
  • ¬†~Morton’s photography
  • generate empathy, show other things instead of consumer desire..(me me me) …counterbalancing other media images questions our desires to reevaluate what we need
  • ~Evidence Morton has
  • Photographs, interviews (1st hand testimonials), psychology, use a bit of statistics but not shows magnitude
  • ~Offers any solutions? not really; raising awareness, just informing, uses qualitative evidence but maybe not enough for policy makers


(Interior) Built Environment Field Notes ~ Transfiguration Catholic Church

Transfiguration Catholic Church

  • did not take pic of the nursery inside because I didn’t think it was appropriate to invade their privacy
  • glassdoors and windows shows beauty and tranquility of nature giving a more peaceful experience
  • When you walk in the church, you immediately have a fullfilling experience
  • see people working
  • hear little childrens voices
  • hear silence and peace inside the church and the soothing running holy water in the little waterfall like a fountain pool
  • Blessed Sacrament, mosaic designs, and place where kept Blessed Sacrament; not take picture inside because its very disrespectful
  • library: books, relaxing: couch and chairs part and chatting
  • security: fire alarms, camera, signs, exit signs, emergency telephone
  • commodity: elevator, vending machine, bathroom
  • choir: great, lively, spritual; has percussion set, microphones, stands, electronic equipment, piano and more
  • statue of Baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary and Joseph: love, perfect family, unification, purity
  • The Poor: two baskets, canned foods; Poor Box, money to help
  • bishop hall: celebrations, round tables, stage, glass windows showing parking lot and peaceful nature
  • Virgin Mary Apparition: miracle, seeing it
  • Entering: what immediately do I see? Cross in center, Year of Mercy, lights, Seeds of Life Baby bottles
  • Temple: silence, tranquility with windows cause of nature, calm, hear the moving holy water
  • multifunctional

(Interior) Built Environment~ The Virgin Mary on the window of the Bishop Hall in Transfiguration Catholic Church


Beautiful Miracle of the Virgin Mary on the window of the Bishop Hall in Transfiguration Catholic Church
Beautiful Miracle of the Virgin Mary appearing on the window of the Bishop Hall in Transfiguration Catholic Church

This miracle occurred December 12, the day of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Before that there was nothing on that window, and nobody made that (I know because I go here); it it very outlined when seeing it in person and looks just like The Virgin Mary and has stayed on there for 3 months and going. She looks like she is praying with her hands together with her head sort of down concentrating on the prayer.

(Interior) Built Environment ~ Helping the poor In Transfiguration Catholic Church


The Poor Box

The two baskets that help those in need

I saw two giant baskets to put the items that are needed such as canned foods mostly, and other items being collected for those in poverty. I also see how money is being collected in this beautifully gold designed called”Poor Box” to use that money to help the poor.

(Interior) Built Environment ~ The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in Transfiguration Catholic Church

The Blessed Sacrament on top of the small altar, and the outer platinum with the edges with blue glass mosiac design where the Blessed Sacrament goes when put away.
The Blessed Sacrament is on top of the table and the outer platinum with the edges and blue glass mosiac design against the wall is where the Blessed Sacrament goes when put away; I also see mosaic designs on the wall as well.

Inside here people come to Worship the Blessed Sacrament with prayer and to be in God’s real presence. By real presence I mean in that piece of bread (Consecrated Host), is the actual presence of Jesus.


(Interior) Built Environment ~ Statue of Baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary, and Joseph in Transfiguration Catholic Church


The Statue of Baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary, and Joseph
The Statue of Baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary, and Joseph

The statue here that is found right at the corner on the right as you go inside, is of Baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary, and Joseph. This statue has multiple meanings to but the main meaning is what a unified, pure, perfect family is and the love shown of the Virgin Mary and Joseph towards Baby Jesus. Also, this statue feels and looks like it its made of stone.

(Interior) Built Environment ~ Classrooms of Transfiguration Catholic Church


The classrooms of Transfiguration look very childlike but mostly because they are used for Pre-k, day care, kindergarten, and Sunday School; these classrooms are also used for multiple groups that exist such as La Divina Misericordia, which I am in, La Legion De Maria, Cafe con Dios, Mujeres de Fe, and many others in both English and Spanish.

(Interior) Built Environment ~ Security and Commodity in Transfiguration Catholic Church

Telephone Available for emergencies and to be able to call in general when a person does not have a phone
Telephone Available for emergencies and to be able to call in general when a person does not have a phone
The camera, exit sign, and fire alarm all for security purposes
Bathroom....all I can say it is necessary to have and obligatory as well
Definitely necessary in case someone is hungry
Vending Machines
A sign to help people know where to go (there are many signs in the church)

There are good measures of safety precautions with multiple firealarms, exit signs, cameras, air conditioning, elevators, water fountains, bathrooms, general direction signs so the people know where to go and do not get lost. All of this allows for more security and commodity for the people attending or visiting the church.