Digital Environment Field Notes of Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


As I started to gaze at the site ……immediately on the main website…..



  • Musical
  • Artistic
  • I see a calendar
  • Entertainment
  • Seems formal
  • Chamber recital event going to happen
  • the march music madness where the prices are a lot lower than normal
  • Robert Spano (he looks weird, just creepy) will receive a “Champion of NEw Music Award”
  • The decorator’s house
  • Dinner and a concert
  • Many links to other sites (CONCERTS & TICKETS, PLAN YOUR VISIT, LISTEN & WATCH, EDUCATION & COMMUNITY, ABOUT, GIVING, Q)  The links to other places stand out so the people would search into it and know it is there without becoming confused.
  • Plenty of information to go to if confused
  •  Søndergård Conducts Berlioz, Ravel, and Debussy


  • Why does it have to start so intense…I guess to grab the audiences attention….those being maybe…professional musicians, people who want to be entertained by music, someone wanting to do something different then they would normally do in their life, educators, those music students.
  • A lot of options ..different concerts you can choose to go to for different experiences
  • Its expensive
  • The links to other places stand out so the people would search into it and know it is there without becoming confused and also many things stand out to grab the attention of people in general so they attend these concerts and events at least that is what I think
  • Anyone can go, but I would suggest not bringing small children it is not made for them

My experience

  • I went one time and it was very formal(I wore a fancy dress), its serious, with insanely good musicians; where real, live music is played, different good experience




In BUY Tickets it shows March Concerts with a conductor who will perform and a chamber recital and where to buy the ticks and the time
 In CALENDAR it literally shows what event/concert is happening/is going to happen, what time and day, it even links to the event itself, the music, and the program’s notes, someone talking about those pieces, and more.










I literally just observed the whole thing mostly than anything else.

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