The Interior Built Environment Description of Transfiguration Catholic Church

The Center of the Temple showing the Altar where the Bread and Wine turn into the Body and Blood of Jesus; the homily also happens, and more.
The Center of the Temple
showing the Altar where the Bread and Wine turn into the Body and Blood of Jesus; the homily also happens, and more.
The Ceiling of the temple with lights and beautiful designs and a specific shape
The Ceiling of the temple
The Holy Water
Holy Water
Comfy Seating
Comfy Seating

This is the short history of this beautiful church. It was about a group of families, about 75 families around the 1970s that had spiritual retreats in the Northern part of Georgia, and eventually would keep growing into a religious community now being Transfiguration Catholic Church. There were around 45 families that celebrated the first mass of Transfiguration at a hotel November 13 1977.They started from scratch and ended up having a build called a Family life center and then eventually June 22 1997, having their own parish center to hold many activites led by a few Priests and a Monsignor over the years.(Transfiguration) (

My experience in Transfiguration Catholic Church has always been a beauty with very good ministries, very good Priests, with everything a person needs to be complete spiritually with the Eucharist, Adoration, Retreats, Speakers, the Sacraments, a complete version of the Bible, and much more. I always feel welcome, I feel calm, and that the people are always caring and generous.

Now in the day and night I walked through the Church’s glass doors, I immediately saw a cross in the center, the ground with a circular pattern and the tile like cream with green and another design, two baskets on my left filled with cans and all types of items to give to the poor including a “poor box” to use the money to help the poor, a statue on my right that was The Virgin Mary with Joseph and Baby Jesus. I also heard many noises of children and people working in the church, but in all that noise I decided to go upstairs to save the actual temple and little chapel last. When I went upstairs I saw an elevator, a relaxation area where one can relax, read, chat in a group, even to take a nap. I also saw a library with stacks of books in shelves and tables to be able to read there if anyone wanted to do that. I started to go in a hall where I immediately heard noises of children and the adults at the nursery, and saw a sign (there are many signs in general) that guide the people so they do not become lost. I went to the Bishop Hall and found the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary on the window. I found in many parts of the church the security and commodity in different things such as the vending machine, fire alarm, elevator, camera, and more.

I did not smell anything unusual, or anything at all really. I felt the presence of the Lord especially in the little chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is located. I also heard the flowing waterfall of holy water in the temple. I felt a peace all the time as I was pacing through this experience. The temple is extremely beautiful and artistic in a modern yet mosaic way. The transparent glass doors and windows which show nature made me feel calm and tranquil. This is was an incredible experience.




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