Annotative Bibliography # 5 – Influence of soundscape and interior design on anxiety and perceived tranquility of patients in a healthcare setting by: Greg Watts, Amir Khan, Rob Pheasant

The Patient Waiting Room w/o natural landscapes (Copyright © 2016 Jan Henderson. All rights reserved)

In this Article Influence of soundscape and interior design on anxiety and perceived tranquility of patients in a healthcare setting, Greg, Watts, and Khan talk about how the natural environment brings more tranquility the man-made noise or environments. They are worried for the patients who have to wait very long in clinics and healthcare facilities to be served for their medical need, so they believe of having a more “restorative environment” They are complaining of the soundscape because of the high level noise and how plain and boring the design is in the rooms. They went to The Bradford Student Health Service near the university campus to do the experiment where they put down the noise and added nature-like noise and included pictures of natural landscapes, nothing man made. They Tranquility Rating Prediction Tool, in the results showing how the people tended to become more relaxed in the adjusted room then the as is room, but overall it showed stress and anxiety levels could be affected by other factors and people relax with different types of music.

Nothing to do with Atlanta, but shows nature helps restore environment in medical facilities, helping in general to reduce stress of the people. It was interesting. All different groups of people gender and age in both experiments of As is and changed environment so there could have been bias, their levels of anxiety could have all been different due to this set up and small sample size. Nature reduces stress and affects people.  


Natural Landscape in Hospital
Hospital Waiting Room with Natural Landscape (© 2016 VOA Associates Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.)

Watts, Greg, Amir Khan, and Rob Pheasant. “Influence Of Soundscape And Interior Design On Anxiety And Perceived Tranquility Of Patients in A Healthcare Setting.” Applied Acoustics 104.(2016): 135-141. ScienceDirect. Web. 22 Feb. 2016

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