Midterm (2nd draft) 2/17/2016

So in my experience, I have not had a lot of writing through technology in my English classes before this one; I find it better in many ways this present English class is more technology based. At first, I was extremely scared to work with almost everything that had to do with technology because I have always been used to “book tests, essays, papers, group projects, and pure lecture based class instruction with the typical classic set environment.” Now, ever since we have used more of the internet space for most of the assignments, or well blog for basically everything, I find it easier than what I thought it would end up being.

I was extremely worried about how the teacher would grade me because I always had a lot of trouble with my writing. In English 1102 with all honesty I feel like I have trouble with the fast paced due dates for each thing, making it harder for me to write at my best since I also have other classes and activities and work.

I have no issues reading articles, but It is harder for me to focus and pick out the main points I need to summarize when the articles are extremely long and I have little time. I also have trouble with making a good summary, sometimes I feel like it sounds lame when I try to summarize or that I repeat myself or just a lot of bad things in my writing.

Overall, I feel like I could do better with more time instead of being in a fast paced mode; also I do like this class because I am learning a lot about the built environment and how to be very descriptive and be multi-modal, and am enjoying going out to write and listen and observe the environment.

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