Midterm Reflection (Draft)

In the past, I have always been in a structured environment where the teacher is giving a subject, or we are reading a book, or we are doing group projects, in the computer lab to write a paper, taking a paper test, or things that do not involve a lot of computer use. In English 1101, it was learning about Rhetoric and writing papers using rhetoric, and we had group projects, and we had a lot of fun in class; the teacher was super hilarious; I feel like that prepared me for a lot of this class English 1102 for this type of content of Rhetoric we would have to use. I feel that the primary and secondary research has been both included in all my English classes at some point, but in this English 1102 class, there is more use of technology than ever before.


In having worked on the reading summaries, annotative bibliographies, and built environment descriptions, I have learned about how in primary research is literally going out and observing first-hand whatever that is being researched, looking at archives, doing surveys, and interviews. The secondary research has been looking at journals, articles, books, and more. The way I plan to apply what I have learned for the next assignments is in using all these resources of primary and secondary research correctly while citing the ones I have to cite in the correct format and improving the way I find research and put it all out there.

I am not sure what the rhetorical situation is for the reason we are doing these compositions in class, but I think It is to help us better understand how to do research in both primary and secondary forms and to help us improve as writers.  The audience for these assignments are the public that is interested in knowing about specific points and some to know the significance of those certain locations, just to become informed overall about different things they might have not known before.

Generally, in all my English classes I would normally write a reflection on paper or I would type a paper on Microsoft or read a book for a class and have a test on it, but rarely we ever used blogs, only in high school since many teachers saw we would maybe have to use it in college including for our senior project.







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