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Annotated Bibliography 4: Displacement And The Racial State In Olympic Atlanta 1990-1996 by Seth Gustafson

GUSTAFSON, SETH. “Displacement And The Racial State In Olympic Atlanta 1990-1996.” Southeastern Geographer 53.2 (2013): 198. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.

Seth Gustafson, a candidate in the department of Geography for the University of Georgia, argues his idea of how Atlanta’s city council created plans to make Atlanta a “global city” for the 1996 Olympics by displacing the lower socioeconomic citizens. The article also uses other cities that acted in similar ways like Seoul for their Olympics in 1988.

This source is relevant to my research because it will provide a detailed explanation of what occurred to African American neighborhoods that were destroyed due to construction for the Olympics. It also offers another possible intention of the city council that isn’t solely just racism.

I chose this article because it gives a specific time period and event to focus on rather than just generalized statements that can be made in other sources. It also is centered on Atlanta and the African American neighborhood. It will discuss the process of deconstruction of homes, resistance from former residents, the relocation of displaced people, the construction of Olympic-related places, and lasting effect on the displaced people and neighborhoods.

This is a depiction of some of Atlanta's Olympic related areas and other landmarks

This is a depiction of some of Atlanta’s Olympic related areas and other landmarks

Southeastern Geographer, Summer2013, Vol. 53 Issue 2, p198-213, 16p, 1 Graph
Graph; found on p200