Annotated Bibliography 9: Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination and Segregation Through Physical Design of the Built Environment

SCHINDLER, SARAH. “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination And Segregation Through Physical Design Of The Built Environment.” The Yale Law Journal 124.(2015): 1934.LexisNexis Academic: Law Reviews. Web. 25 Mar. 2016.

Schindler writes this article to clearly define what architectural exclusion is and its effects on the general public. She gives plenty of examples in transportation, housing, and public places. She also supplies a reason as to why this issue is occurring. In the end, she offers a solution to the issue she has identified.

This article will be helpful in my research because of the examples given. I can relate all the things she say towards Atlanta and the African American neighborhood. She actually mentions the problem of MARTA and it’s effect on the poor and people of color. I will be able to think about other things in Atlanta’s culture that hinder access to the poorer citizens. The definition of architectural exclusion is another subject I can address in my final analysis and this article defines it.

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