Annotated Bibliography 7: An Atlanta magazine roundtable

“An Atlanta Magazine Roundtable.” Atlanta 49.9 (2010): 70-96. MasterFILE Elite. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

Written in 2009, this article is an interview with a group of Atlanta leaders who talk about the city by identifying its problems over the past decade and suggesting solutions the newly elected mayor can take to solve them. There are seven interviewees including an educator, an imam, a developer, and a neighborhood activist.

One problem pointed was from Edward Gilgor, a self-employed attorney and chair of the Neighborhood Planning Unit W, expressed that safety and security was a major problem in Atlanta. Another problem was shared by Sharron Pitts, the chief of staff for Atlanta Public Schools, said since the removal of the Atlanta Housing Authority development and the recession, school closings in larger parts of the city have been occurring. All of the interviewees were able to specifically explain what they thought to be an issue.

This magazine article will be highly important to my research because it will give me specific problems that the African American people are experiencing from the point of view of different fields. Because it is written in 2009, that means that people aren’t doing so great because of the recession. This article was probably written to raise awareness of the problems of Atlanta; making Atlanta’s citizens pay attention to what the new mayor does to address their issues.


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