Taco Mac Audio Clip Artifact

This is an audio clip from inside Taco Mac during the Falcon’s game this past Sunday, where Muhammed Sanu caught the winning touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers. The restaurant erupted in elation after seeing the hometown Falcons coming through in the clutch. It gets so loud its almost like you are actually in the stadium.

Taco Mac Menu Artifact

This is the menu at Taco Mac. The background is white, with the borders being the same red as the restaurants logo. The words are in a black font. At the bottom, they have their wings section, which is the biggest section on the menu because the wings are the most popular item on the menu, with the assortment of flavors in a variety of different colors. The burger section is above the wings section, being the next biggest section behind wings while being the second most popular item on the menu.

Taco Mac Bar Artifact

This is the bar inside the Taco Mac. It is very long, spanning the length of one whole wall of the restaurant. It is made of wood and is about waste high in height. There is an incredible array of different brands of beer behind the counter top. There are 4 tv screens above the back wall for sports fans to watch any live sporting events with Atlanta sports jerseys in between each tv.