Philips Arena Scoreboard

This is the scoreboard that is hanging over the middle of the arena. It is cube shaped with four sides facing the four parts of the arena. It has four LED tv’s on each side that display many different short clips throughout the basketball games. It also has the game clock and scores for each team below the tv’s on all four sides. The structure that holds the screens up are sky blue, after the Philips company colors.

Hawks Game Audio Clip Artifact

This is an audio clip that was recorded during the opening part of the game, right before tip off of an Atlanta Hawks game. As you can hear, it is very loud. The fans are jumping and screaming from excitement for the game. There are also sounds the arena plays like the screech of a hawk that you can faintly hear in this audio clip.

Philips Arena Court Artifact

This is the basketball court inside of Philip’s Arena that is the home court for the Atlanta Hawks. The court is 94 feet in length and 54 feet in width. It has the Hawk’s logo in the center of the floor on top of the half court line. It is colored with the Hawk’s two main colors of red and white, and then their one secondary color of navy blue around the outside of the court.

Dominique Wilkins Statue Artifact

This is the statue of Dominique Wilkins outside of Philips Arena underneath the canopy at the south side entrance. It is placed upon a granite base, with 13 and a half feet of copper on top that. The statue is positioned in the anticipation of dunking because he is considered to be one of the best dunkers to have ever played in the NBA.

Philips Arena Entrance Artifact

This is one of the entrances to Philips Arena on its south side. The architecture is structured in a way that actually spells out the word “Atlanta.” It is about three stories high and about 150 feet long. The gray metal structure provides a canopy as it extends out from the arena and provides shelter for whatever bad weather there may be.