Gender Advertising Remixer

I have seen all of these types of commercials all throughout my childhood, and yet, I did not notice the huge differences between them. All of the advertisements for boys were very similar. They all had some sort of violent aspect to their product whether that be the actual dueling bewteen the battleships or the weapon of a pirate. The voice used on the voice over was a very deep and masculine voice. The colors were mostly dark and not very vibrant. The overall effect the advertisements for boys had was one that was very masculine, dark, and violent. The girls advertisements, on the other hand, were the exact opposite. They were all very colorful and bright. They all had to do with cute dolls or animals, and the voice over was a very high pitched, innocent voice. It was very welcoming compared to the ads for boys. I was really shocked to have just now realized all of these stark differences even though I have literally seen these ads all of my life.

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