What/Why I Organized My Website

I added many categories today to my website, which are Class Notes, Class Prep, Honors Cluster, Major Projects with two subcategories of Annotated Bibliography and Built Environment Description, and Study/Conference Group. Then I organized all of my previous posts into all of these categories, according to what they were. I also added a couple posts that needed to be added into my already existing category of sos.

I put everything into their certain categories based on what they are. For example, the built environment description and all of the artifacts for the description were all put into the Major Projects parent category. Then they went into the Built Environment Description sub-category, then the artifacts went into the Artifacts sub-sub-category. I did all of this for metadata, to organize my blog by certain terms that are universal to our class. It is important because it makes it easier to look through my blog, and find information.

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