Animated Sequential Narrative

For a while I focused on getting a perfect sequential narrative and did a lot of research on how to draw; however, my focus should have been on understanding perspective, sequential narrative, and storyboarding. It was difficult for me to create a sequential narrative as I did not know/ fully understand perspective, sequential narrative, and storyboarding. Now looking at my sequential narrative I am aware that it was done incorrectly. For Project 3 the sequential narrative that was created in Project 2 would be animated. The way I laid out my sequential narrative it was easy to complete Project 3. I did watch and take notes on Storyboarding after completing Project 3, so I realize that I did do a lot of the Don’t in storyboarding that transferred to animation. To create movement, I was able to use transitions to my advantage, and the music I add creates tension in certain shots.

Please click the link below to see the video:

Also, all music came from