Perspective Drawings

Also, for project two, I had to create one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and aerial perspective views by using a different medium. I decided I wanted to do an alleyway for my one-point perspective, a stone wall bedroom for a two-point perspective, and an aerial perspective of a village from afar. My one-point perspective was done with an ink wash, my two-point perspective was done in watercolor, and my aerial perspective view was done with alcohol markers.

When it comes to perspective there is a lot that I still need to master. Now after completing this portion of the project I have a better grasp of how to create perspective in different scenes. Also, I personally really like the one-point perspective drawing that I created. It was my first time doing ink wash, but I like the results. In the future, I will be practicing using more ink wash in my artwork. For my two-point perspective, I feel that I need to deepen the shadows more. The current

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