Compassion Posters

For this project, I had to create two 11×17 inches hand-cut collage posters with text added digitally that was also a public service announcement that encouraged compassion to a group of people.

I choose to focus on compassion for sexual abuse victims as I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). As I did research on the topic, I found that there were very few resources for adult survivors of CSA to receive help. The only organization that I could find that helps combat CSA by helping adult survivors was the Wings Foundation.

After doing more research I decided for my second poster to bring awareness to Prevent Child Abuse (PCA) Georgia, specifically their hotline and interactive online map, as they are an organization that is part of the main campus outreach initiatives. PCA Georgia’s hotline and their interactive online map have a list of supportive resources that are low-cost or sometimes free.

I interviewed a person that worked personally with each organization to get a more knowledgeable perspective of the organization, but I started the project by thinking of what I wanted to do in my head. For both posters, I tried for hours to get every piece of the college to be visually aligned. At one point I ran out of printer ink trying to get the text in the spotlight to be at a dynamic angle and keep the highlighted text in frame with the little girl underneath. For my second poster, I started from scratch as I did not like my draft, but I had no clear direction of what I wanted to do. My classmate’s posters inspired me to make my posters more appealing and dynamic. For my second poster, I tried to used colors that would complement each other.

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