Paper Sculptures

For this project, we were required to use one full sheet of printer paper to create 10 different types of objects that correlate together. When I first started this project, I was inspired by insects and animals that are able to camouflage into their surroundings. I am not referring to animals such as the Chameleon, but those such as the moth that seemingly blends in with plants without changing the color of its skin. I originally decided on creating a seaside grasshopper, peppered moth, emperor penguin, dead leaf butterfly, and the immortal jellyfish. When creating my paper sculptures, I looked for inspiration from other artists on the internet.  For instance, #5 Charta biston belluria paper peppered moth was inspired by Peter Callesen’s paper sculptures. But to create texture and depth, I utilized a small ball stylus tool to make the tree bark cuts look more organic. 

After creating 6 insects and animals paper sculptures, I decided that I needed more variety in my project, but I needed to continue the cohesiveness of the project by building upon the sculptures I already made; therefore, I created sculptures that would be used when exploring a new world. At this point of the project I decided that my sculptures would revolve around the different types of insects, animals, and items used to get to, or found at, an imaginary place called Mundus Charta, or Paper World. For the project I became an explorer; I identified and explained each sculpture by creating a backstory for it.

During the process of the project I improved my artistic skills by using the following items: an exacto knife, a cutting mat, paper rubber cement, a rubber cement eraser, glue stick, different sized ball stylus tool, a wall patch, photography equipment, and the app Snapseed. For the project I technically followed all the rules and requirements, but I had to conceptually think of how I would create sculptures with printer paper. I learned that a simple-low-cost medium, a printer paper sheet, and with minimal tools can be used to create a three-dimensional sculpture.


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