Organic Sculpture

For this project I was tasked to user both a bar of soap as well as clay. The main objective was to use these two mediums in a way that naturally flowed together. The bar of soap was to be carved into an organic shape, while the clay was supposed to be molded in a way that naturally blended with the organic shape.  The following project was created using that soap and modeling clay. The soap was carved using a few different types of carving tools. The tools I found most useful were actually the straight gouges, v-parts and spoon gouges ( that is what they were labeled). These tools made it much easier to remove the center pieces of the soap and still maintain the structure. I was able to put a bit of organic feel into the soap itself by using a v-part and slightly chiseling away a few pieces at a time. 

Once I was done with that I was able to start adding the clay. I carefully molded the clay into a longer snake-like piece and then wrapped it around the soap. The biggest trick here was that I needed to be able to put in the organic texture to the clay before it dried. But at the same time, if I touched it while it was still not dry, it could move out of place or fall apart. This was indeed a tricky project. However after all that work i was able to photograph this and edit out the background so that we can focus on the work at hand. Please look at the pictures below and let me know what you think!


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