Bug out of Wire

For this project we were required to use wire and combine three different insects into a different species. Specifically for this project I decided to combine a moth, butterfly, and grasshopper. The wire was meant to be used as lines, however we were also required to use the wire in a way that would result in natural textures. Furthermore, this insect model needed to have at least one moving part. I personally approached this project by twisting the wire with a drill. I would take two or three strands of wire and put them into the drill. Then I would hold the other end of the wire with a set of pliers and turn the drill on. This would twist the wire in a very neat and straight manner resulting in the pleasing textures you see below. My moving part was specifically the arms at the top of the body, this part was a bit tricky considering I was originally using that area as a way to hold the bug up. Overall I am happy with how it turned out. 

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