About Me

Hello, and welcome to my art blog!

My name is Kimbirly Leal. I was born in Georgia, USA, but both my parents immigrated from Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico.

The picture below is one I took in December 2017 when I was visiting family in Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico. They live in a rural area with dense forest around. 


I grew up in Johns Creek, Georgia, and I was very young when I started playing with art. When I was a kid I would draw different objects, like: cars, anime/chartoon characters, dragons, and flowers. Though as I grew up I was never good at drawing characters and prefer to make landscape art. My favorite artist is Caspar David Friedrich. 

To relax and socialize I play video games with my friends. My gaming and art hobbies sometimes blend. MOBAs, like League of Legends, is very effective at blending art and gaming. The art in the game improve the experience of the game. For the longest time, my main was Ahri, and I was able to take a picture with her when I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) in 2017. 

The picture was also taken at AWA 2017. I can’t wait until it is safe to go to conventions again.