Hey, Interpreters!!! So just to provide you guys with a few online resources for sign language, YouTube has a few playlist that involves subjects that range from Deaf Gain, Black ASL, Proximalization, and many different vocabulary. These are three that I thought might be helpful in your Interpreting Journey. Happy Interpreting!!

The videos embedded into the post include the whole playlist. The link will also be added.

This playlist includes topics such as Language Deprivation Syndrome, Deaf History with Martha’s Vineyard, ASL Rhyme, and an ASL poem on Bullying.

Video Link: ASL Resource 1


This playlist’s topics range from Redefining Deaf, Nonmanuals, Deaf Gain, and ASL Literature.

Video Link: ASL Resource 2


This playlist’s topic includes a mock VRS practice video, vocabulary for the field of psychology,and a few idioms in ASL.

Video Link: ASL Resource 3