Online Professional Profile Reflection

I really enjoyed making my online professional profile because I had already planned on doing it, and this gave me the incentive to actually get this done. As an aspiring journalist, it’s great to have all of my published pieces in one central location for access by potential employers. I definitely wanted my profile to center around my work, so I kept it minimal and all of my content is located on the same page. It is intentionally separated by digital and traditional, print works. I also included my work with Whitefoord and plan on using that to showcase my marketing skills. I plan on working in public relations, therefore, displaying ┬árelevant work in the field is important as well. I want this website to be used as another tool for employers to use to learn more about me and my experience. In addition to links to my published work, I have my resume, cover letter, contact information, and social media links on my site.

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