Class Prep – Professional Social Media Profile

Devan Wallace – PR Coordinator at Fendi

The profile that I found is for a woman named Devan Wallace and her LinkedIn is ideal for the career I would like to work in. First, I noticed that she didn’t have a biography section on her phone, unlike most people on the site. I looked at additional profiles in the same industry and saw they also didn’t have biographies. They did, however, have a very  long list of experience. The absence of one and the presence of the other counteract and provide a balance to the page.  She also had  hefty explanations of her duties from each previous position she held.

I originally thought that wasn’t a good idea when developing my Linked In page,  because I could just tell them all of that information in the interview. But  I think it would be better to have more information online and have less information on the resume, then use the interview to talk about the position and what I could bring to the company. By the time they’ve accessed all of those avenues, they would have had time to review all of the information they could need, and it’s easily accessible for their use.

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