Mid-term Conference Notes

How can I improve my reading annotations (i.e. maturity, persuasion)?

  • Work on linking the two articles together and explaining how they support one another.

Go over service learning project presentation and email correspondence.

  • There was some initial miscommunication. Social media is very important to them, but we didn’t know because it was at the bottom of the list. The best thing to do would be to make changes and work on the things they’re really asking for and determine what you can accomplish in the time allotted.

Also, how will we continue to work on project throughout semester? Are there set days, times?

  • We won’t really be designating a lot of time to the projects in class, as far as dedicating an entire day to the projects, but we will work in our small groups just to make sure everyone is staying on top of what they have to do. The best thing to do would be to meet outside of class. Then, that would be a good way to earn points if you all schedule a meeting with me afterward or write a reflection and submit that.


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