Final Pitch Presentation Deliverable & Reflection

I am responsible for the social media aspect of the project, so my deliverables consisted of three forms developed specifically for their needs. I developed an event rsvp form, event feedback form, and a program interest form. Additionally, the packet contained a copy of Whitefoord’s LSYP application that was already developed. From the feedback and emails, there was clearly some miscommunication as to exactly what they wanted. But we’ve gotten that cleared ¬†up and will be scheduling another meeting with them soon after some adjustments on our end. As we continue on with the project, I’m working on developing a full social media guide to improve the overall use of their social media, including showing them how to integrate the forms onto their FB, setting times as far as how often they should post to retain donors and membership, etc.

feedback-1 feedback-2 rsvp screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-12-30-42-pm

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