Course and Syllabus Quiz

What are the major projects? In a bulleted list, provide links to the project descriptions for each of them.

  • Individual Reading Annotations (6, 300-600 points)
  • Individual Pitch Presentation (1, 125-250 points)
  • Collaborative Final Service Learning Client Packet (300-600 points)
  • Individual Online Professional Profile (1, 125-250 points)

How will your final grade be calculated?

You will earn points for just about everything you do in this course–preparing for class, attending class, completing in-class work, studying, major projects, coming to office hours to discuss your drafts or progress, etc., etc.

What is the “submission form” and how do you use it? Embed the form below your answer (hint: Google “embed Google form” to find out how).

The submission form is found on the course website and it is where you submit all completed assignments for points. To correctly use the form, you fill out your name, instructor`s name, GSU email, and the link to the assignment.

Embed the course calendar and weekly overview below this question.

<iframe src=”;mode=AGENDA&amp;height=600&amp;wkst=1&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;;color=%23B1365F&amp;ctz=America%2FNew_York” style=”border-width:0″ width=”800″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Where on the course website can you find an overview of what’s due and the readings for each unit?

Unit overviews can be found in the Calendar section,

What is the best way to see an overview of what’s due each week?

On either the class website, through the linked Google Calendar, or through the weekly overview emails.

What is the attendance policy?

You earn points for coming to class and lose points for unexcused absences. You will earn 10 points for coming to class, and 10 points for required class preparation, for a total of 20 points per class on average. You lose 10 points for each absence or missed class prep assignment. Arriving to class late will result in a deduction of 5-10 points.

What are the two ways you can lose points?

Unexcused absences or missed clas prep assignments

What are my office hours, and how do you make an appointment to see me outside of  class?

Office Hours: T/Th 9-11 am, and by appointment. An appointmetn can be made through email to meet outside of class.

How do you earn participation credit? Provide a link to the instructions/guidelines for participation.

I hope to encourage your participation by offering points as follows, but please suggest your own projects and activities for potential points:

Attendance: 10/class, -10/absence (see attendance policy)

Class preparation assignments: 10 per

Study group organization and participation: up to 25

Individual office hour visit: 20

Group meetings with instructor: 20

Blog posts reflecting practice of course concepts: up to 50

Constructive commentary on blogs: 15

Extra reading annotations: up to 50/per

Create Facebook groups around topics, projects or readings: up to 50

Contribute to the glossary of terms: 15 per

Complete tutorial on a relevant technology: up to 50

How many points can you earn by participating in or organizing a study group session?

Up to 25 points

How can you be assured of earning an “A” in this course?

Complete all of the major projects, miss no more than four class meetings, and earn at least 2,180 points

What are the minimum requirements for earning a passing grade of “C”?

Complete all of the major projects, come to class prepared, miss only four class meetings, and earn at least 1,330 points

What do you do if you’re not sure how to document your participation in order to earn points?

Stop by during office hours or ask the question before or after class.

What are the Unit 1 readings and what online tool are you using to annotate them for Reading Annotations 1&2? will be used for annotations.

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