New Article About DNP-ATL Grant

An article from the Georgia State News Hub details the recent five-year, $3.06 million grant from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. King was awarded this grant with collaborators from Emory University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center, and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The grant aims to develop to identify environmental resources, clinical risk factors, and genetic factors that relate to cognitive impairments in pediatric brain tumor survivors. Read more here.

New King Lab Publication!

Eric Semmel, M.A., and Sabrina Na, Ph.D. have a new publication titled “Inhibition explains the relationship between the efficiency of brain networks and adaptive outcomes in pediatric brain tumor survivors” in Neuropsychology. You can read the article here. Congrats Eric and Sabrina!

Brains & Behavior Summer Scholars Presentation

Congratulations to our Brains & Behavior Summer scholars Naveen Thourani and Kylie Szymanski on their excellent poster presentations at the GSU Summer Research Symposium. Both students demonstrated advanced research and presentation skills. Kylie was awarded 2nd place for Best Poster and Naveen is on his way to an impressive honors thesis! We are so proud of our amazing undergraduate students!

New Project Underway!

The Healthy Student Brain RISE Project had its first in-person meeting last week at the GSU/GT Center for Advanced Brain Imaging. The Healthy Student Brain project is an interdisciplinary research study that will map the brains of young adults to identify determinants of brain health in college students. The DNP-ATL lab is excited to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of individuals!

Micaela Merrill Presents Poster at REU Conference

Congrats to Micaela Merril on her awesome poster presentation at GA Tech yesterday! Micaela’s final project, entitled, “Deterministic Tractography of the Cingulum in Traumatized Black Women With
and Without Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” explored the relationships between white matter microstructure and PTSD. We are so proud of all that Micaela accomplished as a summer student in the GT/GSU Human Neuroscience REU Program. Micaela will continue to work with the DNP-ATL lab to publish her work!

New King Lab Publication!

Rella Kautiainen, M.A., and Holly Aleksonis, M.A. have a new publication titled “A Systematic Review of Host Genomic Variation and Neuropsychological Outcomes for Pediatric Cancer Survivors” in Neuropsychology Review. You can read the article here. Congrats Rella and Holly!