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Coca-Cola’s Environmental Commitment -Digital record #5

environmental commitment coca cola

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This page is dedicated to informing viewers of Coca-Cola’s “green” status as the building was “awarded a “Gold” rating by the U.S. Green Building Council”.  The page gives facts on the specific components of the building that allow it to be categorized as efficient such as a percentage of the construction materials being recycled, using low-emission paints, adhesives, sealants and carpeting to enhance air quality, and usinf faucets and water fixtures that are designed for lower water consumption.

Kiss the Past Hello – World of Coke digital record #4

kiss past the hello

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Kiss the Past Hello is a new art exhibit inside of the World of Coca Cola.  It showcases “modern artwork inspired by vintage advertisements and Coca-Cola bottle imagery”.  The Kiss the Past Hello webpage has a photo of two women-looking figures sipping from straws and a phrase under the figure on the left side of photo that reads “there’s nothing like a ‘Coke’.  The rest of the page explains what Kiss the Past Hello is and how it was inspired

kiss the past hello FULL PAGE


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Coca Cola Portrait Wall – Digital record #2

coca cola portrait wall

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Under the “Explore Inside” tab on the homepage of World of Coca Cola you will see an option that reads “Coca Cola Portrait Wall”.  Once you click on “Coca Cola Portrait Wall”, you will be brought to a page with the picture above.  This page has information about “how the Coca‑Cola system benefits people and communities around the world”.  The Portrait Wall is an interactive map that comes to life when walk up to it.  The Wall will display information about how Coca Cola is impacting the lives internationally.

Vault of the Secret Formula of Coca Cola – Digital artifact #1

vault of the secret formula

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If you click on the tap at the top of the homepage that reads “Explore Inside” and then click on “Vault of the Secret Formula”, you will be brought to a page that has information on touring the vault inside the World of Coca Cola.  There is a video located at the bottom of the page that shows a slideshow of video clips and photographs of the inside of the vault and visitors experiencing the different aspects of the vault.

Visitors can take part in interactive activities such as the Virtual Taste Maker which allows you to create and taste different flavor combinations of Coca Cola. You and your friends can play a group game in which you “trigger animations and watch these environments magically change and come to life”.


inside the vault coca cola


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Built Environment Description for World of Coca-Cola website


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When you visit the World of Coca-Cola website, you are brought to the homepage where there are a series of photos of models of different races drinking the original Coke from a glass bottle. In one picture, there are two girls with curled hair holding Coke bottles and posing for a picture with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

There is a red circular World of Coca-Cola logo in the left hand corner of the website that remains stationary as you scroll up and down the homepage.

Screenshot 2016-04-05 09.35.02

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The color scheme of the homepage is red, white, and black. Red is arguably the predominant color out of the three; however, there is a balanced amount of whites spaces throughout the homepage.

There are three red rectangular boxes that read “Check Hours”, “Tickets”, and “plan Your Visit” located directly below the slideshow of pictures. Below these boxes is a section that reads “Featured Highlights”, which includes titles such as “Atlanta City Pass”, Meet Our Polar Bear” , VIP Guided Tours”, and “Taste it! Beverage Lounge”. There is also a link to the Coca-Cola Facebook page located toward the bottom of the homepage.

cocacola homepage options

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At the top of the homepage, there are a series of options to chose in order to navigate throughout the website.  These tabs are labeled “Plan Your Visit”, “Explore Inside”, “Groups”, “Book Event Space”, “About Us”, “Tickets”, and ” Special Offers”.  If you place your curser over the “Plan Your Visit” option, you will see a drop down menu with a variety of additional options that will help you with answering any FAQ’s you may have, inform you of the hours of operation, gives you information on directions and parking, guest services, etc.  Placing your cursor over any of the headings at the top of the page will activate a drop down menu with more options.

plan your visit drop down menu

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On the Explore Inside page , the first thing I notice is the slide show of pictures which include visitors in the Coca-Cola theatre, Pop Culture gallery, and 4-D theatre.  Below the slide show are rectangular boxes that have that have the names of the different exhibits in the World of Coke.  When you move your cursor over each box, a description of the exhibit is displayed and you can click on the box to get a more detailed description and more information.

explore inside page

screenshot of the Explore Inside page

The next page I visited was the Groups page which gives information on how to reserve a group visit or school field trip.  The things that most people would be looking for such as “tickets”, “teacher information flyer”, and “reservation form” are highlighted in red and bolded.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 01.30.33

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I noticed that each page throughout the website has the same color scheme and layout. At the bottom of every page, there is a thick, red stripe that invites people to subscribe to receive email updates about World of Coke news.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 01.06.18

screenshot of the bottom of the page

When I clicked on the Book Event Space tab, the first thing I noticed was the video at the top of the page. The video gave an overview of the different event rooms that are available for reservations.  Below the video is the contact information of the Event Sales Manager, Beth Wroblewski: bwroblewski@Coca‑ or  404‑676‑0734. Ms. Wroblewski should be contacted if you are not a Coca-Cola employee.  If you are a Coca-Cola employee, you should contact Sybil Lee at sylee@Coca‑, or call 404‑676‑6024.  This web page also provides planning tools and a list of caterers and local business who are in partner ship with Coca-Cola.

book event space

The website as a whole is very inviting and pleasing to the eye, in my opinion.  It is user friendly and seems to attract a variety of audiences, from adolescents to older adults as well as people from different cultures, races, and backgrounds.  The website has a modern look and appears organized and well designed.  It is informative about various aspects of the World of Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola company itself.

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