Vault of the Secret Formula of Coca Cola – Digital artifact #1

vault of the secret formula

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If you click on the tap at the top of the homepage that reads “Explore Inside” and then click on “Vault of the Secret Formula”, you will be brought to a page that has information on touring the vault inside the World of Coca Cola.  There is a video located at the bottom of the page that shows a slideshow of video clips and photographs of the inside of the vault and visitors experiencing the different aspects of the vault.

Visitors can take part in interactive activities such as the Virtual Taste Maker which allows you to create and taste different flavor combinations of Coca Cola. You and your friends can play a group game in which you “trigger animations and watch these environments magically change and come to life”.


inside the vault coca cola


screenshot of

Digital Record #5 : Video of the quad outside of Langdale Hall



This video shows people walking to class and socializing.  Some times outside vendors set up tabes and/or tents and sell their merchandise to students.  It is also common for students to be recording videos in this area for what seems to be short films.

Digital Record #3 : Video of Library Plaza





This video is an accurate representation of the plaza on a weekdays.  However, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is a great deal more energy and movement.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is usually music playing, sororities and fraternities strolling, and organizations trying to catch the eye of people passing by.

Digital Record #2: Quad in front of Langdale Hall


If you walk past the main entrance of Library South, located in Library Plaza, toward Langdale Hall, you will see another common area for students to socialize.  This quad area contains a fountain that has the GSU logo in the center of it. Usually, outside vendors come and sell goods such as jewelry and artistic posters.

library plaza jewelry vendor

Local businesses use GSU’s campus to solicit business to students.


This quad provides passages ways to Classroom South, Langdale Hall, and a side entrance to Library South as well as more designated smoking areas.


GSU Library Plaza Digital Record #1


This panorama of Library Plaza captures an overall view of the layout of this exterior environment.  The Plaza was designed as an open space where a large number of students can gather, socialize, or simply spend time waiting on their next class to begin.  The brick structures that contain tress in them ( located around the top of the blue painted stairs) are often used as seats by students, as well as the structure containing the tree on the right hand side of the panorama.  The steps on the far left hand side of the picture lead up to Court land Street, which students can cross in order to get to Student Center East and West.  The windows on the right side of the picture belong to Sparks Hall and the brick building in the background is Library South.

GSU Plaza

The plaza is where several groups on campus show case their organizations mainly  on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The plaza is where several groups on campus showcase their organizations mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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