This video captures the most noticeable interior designs of Landmark Diner. You can see the cream colored drapes that are hanging from the ceiling. You can notice how part of the ceiling has different colored squares while another part is all grey and slanted upward. The video shows the light-up sign located in front of the main entrance that reads ““ Welcome to Landmark Diner. Open 24 hours. Where the Stars Meet at Nite. Dinner specials. Full Bar.” There is a painting of Atlanta to the right of the previously mentioned light-up sign. There are four cutouts of squares that seem to be equal in size in the green wall near the bar area. To the left of the main entrance, there is a wall with shelves, and on those shelves are bottles of alcohol and dark liquor. In front of this same wall, there is a register and the host stand. From the dining room, you can see the grill on which the cooks prepare the food. There is a television hanging from the ceiling in front of the entrance. There are dollar bills from different countries taped on the wall to the right of the shelves with the alcohol and dark liquor.