Geller, Joseph T., and Robert M. Corning. “Designing a Unified Campus.”

University Business (2007): Web. 5 Feb. 2016.



Joseph T. Geller and Robert M. Corning, partners at a landscape architecture business called Geller DeVellis, claim in their article “ Designing a Unified Campus” that the design of a college campus is critical when prospective students are making the final decision. The authors use their expertise in the landscape architecture field as well as an example of one the college campuses they landscaped, Boston College, as support for their claims throughout the text. The purpose of this article is to inform people of the thought processes and ideas that architects have when designing a college campus. They take into account the aesthetics and desired overall feel of a campus. The authors state that “often [times] the feedback of students and alumni is the motivation behind the decision by a school’s president or board of trustees to enhance the campus image.” The intended audience of this article would be landscape architects, those who aspire to be landscape architects, or those who are simply interested in the design of college campuses. This article if useful to me because it gives me insight into what landscapers think about when designing college campuses, specifically the common areas, or quads, on campus.