Mayer, Fred. “Campus Image: A Vital Part Of A University’s Brand.” Planning For Higher Education 42.4 (2014): 1-12. Education Source. Web. 5 Feb. 2016.

Fred Mayer, an architecture graduate from Pratt Institute in NYC with a MRP degree from Cornell University, states in his article “Campus Image: A Vital Part of a University’s Brand” that “if a university wants to strengthen its brand, then upgrading its visual image is one very effective way to accomplish this goal.” He uses specific examples of college campuses that utilize his suggestions of how to make a campus more appealing. He also conducted surveys and secondary research to support his claims. Mayer’s purpose for writing this article is to inform people of what students look for in a college campus including “greenery, campus artwork, and plaza areas”. The intended audience is collegiate administrations who are in charge of creating a positive visual image for their university through its landscape design. This source is useful because it provides information about how the visual image of a campus determines whether a student will chose to attend the university or not, and it also determines how students will interact on campus.