Children’s Museum of Atlanta

    The Children’s Museum of Atlanta located on the corner of Centennial Olympic Drive and Baker Street, was founded in the year 2003. It is right near the four-way intersection that has a lot of traffic filled with cars and pedestrians. In this area of downtown Atlanta, it is located on the corner opposite […]

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta Brings Hope

When I arrived at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta I first saw the statue made of stacked blocks that reminded me of elementary school. I remembered how we would bocks that looked quite similar to them during our hour of math and my younger self trying to make pictures out of them. I noticed how […]

The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas

The Innovation Campus by: Alexandra Lange The multiple learning spaces referenced by Lange are designed to lead students and faculty towards conversation and interacting with one another, while GSU learning spaces are more traditional in limiting what one can do to develop possible creative interactions with others. I think the fact that we don’t have […]

The School’s System Should Change!

The other day scrolling on Facebook I came across this video titled I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM! I watched it not knowing what to expect but found it to be informative and relatable. He talks about how the education system hasn’t changed in decades and doesn’t cater to each student individually but as numbers […]

General Outline for Tabernacle PSR

T. The Tabernacle seems to be fighting to stay relevant and modern. I. Trying to maintain and keep our attention by hosting concerts for artist of our time. II. Modern new buildings look more current and somewhat futuristic with silver and white surrounded by thriving nature. III. Few pedestrian activity on sidewalk housing the Tabernacle […]

Activity 1 October 3rd

A) Different Race, Different Face, Shouldn’t Mean a Different Case Feedback: I think how she organizes her description from the foreground to the background is working well though it could include more transitions from sentence to sentence so it doesnt sound like a status report. I also think that the last sentence could be placed […]

Schindler Summary

Architectural exclusion is attempting to  separate certain groups of communities by using the built environment and or architecture to create barriers between different communities. It is mainly used to keep those individuals who are not wanted isolated from the rest of the communities that don’t want them there. Some examples of built architecture used to […]

The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle is a venue, that was founded by Len G. Broughton in 1910, located on 152 Luckie Street in downtown Atlanta. Majority of people who come to visit the tabernacle, go to attend concerts. When I visited the area on a day there wasn’t a scheduled performance, there wasn’t hundreds of people waiting in […]

The Tabernacle

I have been to The Tabernacle for concerts and during that time it’s filled with hundreds of excited people, friends, and fellow music appreciators waiting in line to see their favorite artist. Some people would camp out outside the venue with their lawn chairs and blankets snacks to satisfy them while waiting so they wouldn’t […]