The Children’s Museum of Atlanta Brings Hope

The statue in front of the main entrance of the museum.

The statue in front of the main entrance of the museum.

When I arrived at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta I first saw the statue made of stacked blocks that reminded me of elementary school. I remembered how we would bocks that looked quite similar to them during our hour of math and my younger self trying to make pictures out of them. I noticed how inside the building it was decorated with plenty of bright colors and full of light. It made me think when they designed the building they were aiming to capture the attention of children. I think it is interesting how they have the gift shop towards the front instead of a different location deeper inside the facility. Maybe they are using the multiple gift shop items as advertisement to the children who pass by and the pictures of smiling children as advertisement for the parents to get them to bring their children in to have fun learning just like the people in the photographs. It’s almost like it is saying “this could be your kid, but only if you bring them inside our museum”.

The museum seems to radiate with bright colors and smiles that encourages having fun discovering learning. I was happy to see they took the time to have diversity in the pictures because growing up I didn’t always see a character or pictures that looked like me, someone I could relate to. It also made me remember how children are pure in not judging others for what they may look like, their religion, how they dress they just understand that we are all just human and to me that is all that matters.

The surrounding area outside seems full of dull darker colors and repetition compared to the brightness of the inside of the museum. Looking at the outside and the inside of the museum made me feel like it was a place that encourages children to question and discover new things through education. It was almost like seeing a place that is nurturing and trying to guide the children to a better future than our current present. I believe ideas like the children’s museum are great way to help lead children to discovering their purpose and all the endless possibilities of success in whatever they do because children are our future. I felt like I was standing outside in the growing dark times where there are wars with corrupt leaders who don’t have the greatest intention for all the individual humans living on Earth. Where every day we are hurting our planet and one another whether it’s another person being robbed or murdered over material things, and the belief they should be scared because of someone who is different from us. Seeing the little boy who ran up to the doors of the museum brought a feeling of happiness and hope to see how besides all of the negative events that occur in the world, there is hope placed in the children who are excited and eager to learn.

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