Children’s Museum of Atlanta


The main of entrance of the Children's Museum of   Atlanta.

The main of entrance of the Children’s Museum of Atlanta.


The Children’s Museum of Atlanta located on the corner of Centennial Olympic Drive and Baker Street, was founded in the year 2003. It is right near the four-way intersection that has a lot of traffic filled with cars and pedestrians. In this area of downtown Atlanta, it is located on the corner opposite of the Coca Cola building and Cent

ennial Olympic Park. Around 5:30pm the museum was closed but there was plenty of pedestrian traffic; majority of the people who passed by were wearing large dark coats, leather boots, and jeans. One woman who had a brown leaf in her hair, passed by wearing a black leather coat, a maroon knitted scarf, dark blue jeans, and brown leather combat boots. She was walking through the crosswalk alongside a man wearing a black petty coat with blue jeans and grey sneakers. After a few minutes another man kept running back and forth wearing a black beanie with a windbreaker that was black with orange stripes, navy blue jogger pants, and black sneakers. Two men passed by the front entrance of the museum on skateboards wearing matching black windbreakers, dark blue jeans, and dark grey sneakers.

In front of the main entrance is a statue shaped like a human in the midst of a cartwheel. It is made of rectangular blocks that are bright shades of red, blue, and yellow on top of a cylinder shaped block of concrete. The sign above the entrance doors is blue and white with a blue and yellow gear that also has green and orange wavy lines sticking making it imitate a sun. The windows had multiple pictures above them of children who had bright smiles and looks of amazement. One of the photos had a child with black curly hair next to an older male wearing red and blue top over a blue button up. Both of them are wearing scientific goggles staring at a bright orange ball in a clear container in a room that has a yellow sign labeled science bar. Next to that photo is a child who is staring in wonder at the many bright green gem like objects in front of him with an expression of amazement.

Inside the building you can see a gift shop that has many bags, toys and stuffed animals. There are dark blue drawstring bags next to a rack brightly colored blue, orange, and red t-shirts near pink and blue stuffed animals. One shelf holds bright pink toy bogs with princess castles and blue boxes above a shelve of stuffed monkeys dressed in black and yellow firefighter outfits. Next to this shelf was a wall with a collage of small pictures put together to create a portrait of children of different ethnicities that leads to another wall with painted small hand prints. As I looked at the many different toys the shop had a family of four walks up to the museum with a young boy in a black jacket, blue jeans and black sneakers with yellow orange soles, runs up excitedly to the door trying to open it with a young girl in a bright pink fur coat light blue jeans brown boots following behind imitating the same amount of excitement. The woman carrying to large red bags with the coca cola logo on them follows behind and yells out the hours the museum opens tomorrow.

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