Mid-term Reflection (Draft)

As we are coming up to the mid-term of the semester, after completing the three required projects (Reading Summaries, Annotated Bibliography, and Built Environment Description), I feel that my research and writing skills have changed. Before in other English and writing class, I am often given a subject to research and write about, but in this class I am given a lot more freedom when choosing a subject in my writing. Since I am not quit use to having the ability to choose what my subject of a project may be, it is hard sometimes to make a decision on what to write about. Although it has made me realize that research is important before the writing process can be done. Having done the three project, I have discovered that a lot of information can be obtained specifically and exclusively through either primary or secondary research. The Reading Summary has sharpened my analysis skills, the Annotated Bibliography has improved my research skills, and the Built Environment Description helped me applied what I saw in reality on to paper more clearly and distinctly. I plan on using what I’ve learn form these first projects and applying them to future projects. As I continue to attend class and work on the projects, I have come to see that all the students’ projects in the class are slowly becoming an archive of the built environment. I believe my peers and the audience outside of this class are viewing my post in hopes of getting a better understanding of the built environment under discussion. Enabling the students to be able to perform their writing on a blog, gives way to a lot more creative possibilities. By having the class on a integrated platform, students are able to share and get inspiration for their writing through other students in the class…….