Annotated Bibliography 9

Lowson, Martin. “New Approach to Effective and Sustainable Urban Transport.” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 1838 (2003): 42–49. (Atypon). Web.Heathrow-BAA-ULTra-2-537x307
           Martin Lowson begins his argument by pointing out out that principle forms of surface transportation have change over the past 200 years. Lowson believes that a new form of transportation is approaching as a solution with the current issues we have with urban transportation we have to day. He raises issues such as current types of public transport are not sustainable and unable to meet the dispersed personal travel demand characteristic of current forms of multi-center city. Lowson offers a solution by introducing ULTra (Urban Light Transport). ULTra is also complementary to existing forms of transport, by providing a network link to major rail or bus stations, it can improve the attraction of current transport services. In comparison to previous forms of public transport, there is no waiting, no stopping and no transfers within the system. In many circumstances, it can offer better transport than any other available means.
           I chose this source because it is closely related to what we have in metro-Atlanta today and that would be MARTA. This article is a good source that points out the flaws and provide solutions to the issues we have with MARTA in our city.