Annotated Bibliography 8

Bram, Thursday. “Just Scroll With It.” Entrepreneur 41.12 (2013): 22. Business Source Complete. Web. 25 Mar. 2016.

shutterstock_176303801In Thursday Bram’s article,”Just Scroll With It”, she discusses the effective use of Parallax Design on a website can significantly impact the way visitors of a website interact and ┬álearn with the content shown. Parallax design uses scrolling to show new images or highlight specific information by moving various sections of a site at different speeds. Images, typography and other page elements can appear differently, based on what point in the page a visitor has reached. Parallax Designs give opportunities for websites to closely control which sections remains in front of a visitor’s eyes the longest and the use of motion to draw attention to the most important components. Parallax Design is tool that employs clear information architecture, guiding visitors attention to what a website wants to inform.Parallax design is a relatively new trend in web design; it is not yet possible to quantify its impact on traffic and user engagement. But anecdotal evidence suggests that the unique visuals lead users to spend more time on sites and even to share them as examples of great design.

I chose this source because it relates to what our class is doing now, where each student is designing there own blog in there own personal way and attempting to put it in a form that allows visitors to effectively learn about the built environment.

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