Artifact #2: Citizen Supply and Other Retail Stores


My sister, Marie, playing with the store’s quirky merchandise


A light-up display from Citizen Supply

Opened in November of 2015, Citizen Supply, located on the second floor of Ponce City Market, has quickly become one of the market’s most notable fashion boutiques. With innovative designs pertaining to fashion, lifestyle, furniture, and beauty, Citizen Supply provides creative outlets for urban visionaries. The clothes, though expensive, embody fashion trends within city culture. The furniture exhibits modernity and simplicity. Their skincare products consist of natural ingredients that seek to enhance the individual’s innate beauty. The customer service is pleasantly helpful while the employees epitomize the alternative aesthetic of their merchandise. Additionally, for the playful individual, the store displayed many entertaining attractions including table tennis, which can be seen in the video below. This creates an engaging atmosphere for shoppers. Throughout the store, yellow-based wood is the main decorative piece that the store bases their display designs on. The wood differs in structure from display to display which ranges from organic, circular shapes and cornered, octagonal pieces that their merchandise rests upon. One can tell upon entering the store, that the store was designed with aesthetics highly regarded by developers. Not only do they sell art, but there store resembles art. Other retail within Ponce City Market includes Anthropologie, Cobbler Union, J. Crew, Elk Head Clothing, and more. These stores offer products from local and regional artisans that are unique to urban living. The innovative clothing pieces depict the fashion trends that emerge within the city of Atlanta. Walkable boots, lightweight petticoats, and simple crewnecks  help to define Atlanta’s fashion. One can also discover a range of retail prices from fairly inexpensive to complete luxury. Since the majority of the market’s prices are moderately expensive, it appears that the market targets middle to upperclass individuals thus causing exclusion of the lower-class. In terms of age, the retail includes a variety of stores for every age. In turn, this results in the market becoming an attraction for family outings in Atlanta. Regardless of which store an individual invests their time and money into, Ponce City Market’s shops have established a dominance in retail presence.