Artifact #1: Ponce City Market Food Court

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Central Food Hall, located on the first floor of Ponce City Market, offers a variety of cuisines ranging from oriental specialties to classic american comfort food, from french bakeries to Latin american offerings. With over fifteen different restaurants within the court, every individual, regardless of preference, can discover food that is worth their consumption. Restaurants include H&F Burger, Lucky Lotus, Saint Germain, Simply Seoul Kitchen, Ton Ton, and more. The court has a combination of convenient “fast-food” spots, sit-in dining joints, and taverns. These varieties in dining experience satisfy the wants of varying consumers. Moreover, the restaurants are only a walk away from the retail stores, apartments, businesses, and the Beltline. Therefore, the proximity is advantageous for those living, working, and shopping at the market. As noted by its constant activity, the Central Food Hall serves as a creative culinary hub with the unique attributes and flavors of Atlanta.

Additionally, within the food hall, extensive seating exists for consumers. These modern, wooden designs accommodate those who are not investing in a sit-in dining experience. Casual nooks, bar stools with high-tops, cafeteria-like tables, or individual stools are open to the public. These various seating areas are highly demanded – just like the cuisine. Without failure, every restaurant always has massive lines which attests to the quality of the food and service. Therefore, the atmosphere of the food court appears incredibly engaging. The aromas of the food court vary from establishment to establishment. One can smell vibrant, ripe fruits near the organic smoothie shop and then smell asian barbecued pork near the Korean burger joint. The smells are tempting as different sensations prompt shoppers to purchase local offerings.

The culture of Ponce City Market is heavily influenced by its food scene. Local chefs, traditional and ethnic, constantly produce unparalleled delicacies that develop Atlanta’s flavor. Whether one consumes a Korean bulgogi bowl, a french croissant, or a classic American cheeseburger, the flavors culminate to form Atlanta’s distinctive culinary scene. The flavors serve as a melting pot for various cultures. Undeniably, the Central Food Hall at Ponce City Market provides top-notch food for Atlanta residents.