Artifact #5: Sound Bite from Ponce City Market

This sound bite was recorded while on Ponce City Market’s plaza, on the outskirts of the market, which adjoins to the Eastside trail of the Atlanta Beltline. While resting on the pleasant wooden benches, I took the opportunity to record several sounds around my vicinity. These various sounds are condensed into a single recording which is displayed above.

The sounds note the spirit and comfort of the market. People, transportation, and, weather are all present within the recordings. These attributes comprise of what Ponce City Market personifies – urban livelihood. The blowing wind represents the transition of the season from a dauntingly hot summer to a cozy, warm autumn as well as the underlying element of nature intertwined throughout the development. This only adds to the market’s beauty and natural landscape. The transportation acts reminiscent of Atlanta’s historic existence as a major train destination, yet also exhibits the transition of alternative methods including walking and biking to undermine the dependence on vehicles. The construction of the Beltline is one of multiple examples in Atlanta that attempt to combat the major congestion of such vehicles. The sounds of people communicating demonstrate the friendly atmosphere that Ponce City Market establishes; individuals are attracted to the venue because of its ambience. Essentially, the neighborhood acts as an opportunity for friends and family to gather in an exquisite retail space. My experience serves as a prime example of the market’s influence to unite relationships, spark conversations, and enjoy time with loved ones. Undoubtedly, mixed-use development like Ponce City Market have undeniable powers that create bondage between the community and its citizens.