Built Environment Lenox Picture 4

Railroad Tracks

Here is a picture of the railroad tracks at the Lenox Marta Station. If you were to fall onto these railroad tracks it would be a pretty far drop despite how close the picture makes it look. These tracks also have a high voltage of electricity that runs through them so there are signs everywhere that encourage people to stay off of the tracks.

Built Environment Lenox Video 1

Marta Train


This is a video I took of the Marta Train passing through Lenox Marta Station. The Lenox Marta Station is located on the gold line railroad tracks that travels to Doraville. When the train gets to the Lenox Station it usually takes off within 2 minutes so it is imperative that you get onto the train as quickly as you can to avoid being left and having to wait on the next train which usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

Built Environment Lenox Picture 3


To get to the train tracks you have to travel down this escalator. One thing I noticed about Lenox Marta Station as opposed to other Marta Stations is that people seem to be more in a rush at the Lenox location. Some people run up the escalator and others may squeeze their way past you. Fortunately, this escalator is not super long like the Peachtree Center Marta Station so getting in and out of the Lenox Station is quick.

Built Environment Lenox Picture 2


In order to enter the Lenox Marta Station you are required to swipe your breeze card on the designated area. Sometime people will use techniques to try to bypass this gate and some people are successful, but if you are caught you can expect a hefty fine. Marta has been struggling over the last couple of years with gaining a lot of profit so they need every penny that they can receive.

Built Environment Lenox Picture 1


This is an outside view of the Lenox Marta Station. Lenox Marta Station is one of the busiest stations in Atlanta because it leads to a very popular mall by the name of Lenox. Outside of the Lenox Marta station you will find several good restaurants including Houston’s and a very nice hotel where people can stay and have easy access to transportation.

Urban Life

Urban Life Building


Urban Life swing set. People usually come out of here to relax and study.



Uniquely styled classroom in the Urban Life building. Has kind of an old feel to it.


Nice looking bench that is right outside of the Urban Life building. Students usually sit here when they are waiting on class to begin.