Chapter 9

In chapter 9 I learned the importance of having a good relationship with my professors and making good decisions because they will follow me around forever. In my first few weeks at GSU I had a question for one of my professors and I called her “Mrs.” and before I could even let my question out she was like, “don’t call me Mrs.”. I’m not sure why, but I felt like that was kind of rude. A few weeks later that same professor ended up helping me out with a problem that I had and she ended up being very nice. I judged her too quickly when I should’ve been trying to establish a relationship with her during those weeks. It is also important to make good decisions. I try very hard to watch what i post online. I do not curse or harass anyone because what you put online is what everyone can see. I don’t want employers to judge me based off social media. I want them to judge me based off of my knowledge for my craft.

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