Chapter 1

What I have learned while reading this chapter is that it is important to set a good image for myself. College is a lot different than high school so I have to make the necessary adjustments to make sure that I am able to be successful. Some of the adjustments I can make is getting familiar with D2L, turning off my cell phone during class, and really looking over the syllabus. During my first week of college I have already found that note taking is a HUGE part of me being successful. In high school I would always take notes on my computer and I have found that just writing them on paper is a better way of retaining the information.

List one high you had from your first week of college. List one low you had from your first week of college. What did you learn?

1. College has been an awesome experience so far. What I have enjoyed the most is the amount of freedom I have. I feel very independent and that makes me feel like a man. One high I have experienced during my first week is getting to meet new people. Going to grade school for 12 years made it easy for me to make friends because I was always in a position where I knew everyone, but now having to make new friends is a new thing for me and I like it. One low that I have had is that I have gotten lost a couple times on my way to class. I’m slowly getting better with the directions, but these streets have me all confused.  What I have learned is I don’t need to be afraid to try new things. I could easily take the easy way out and not try to branch out and just be a loner or I could easily just hop on a bus all the time instead of navigating my way through the city, but life is about taking chances and doing new things. My motto is ” Go the hard way”.

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