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Landscape Architecture on Campus

Hough, Mark H. “Landscape Architecture on Campus.” Weblog post. The Field The Professional Landscape Architects’ Network. Landscape Architects at Duke University, 14 Apr. 2014. Web.   According to Mark H. Hough college and university campuses are obsessed with mixing urban… Continue Reading →

The Relationship between Architecture and Visual Communications

HO Chung-Hwa; Lee Tsung-Lin. International Journal of Organizational Innovation. Jul2015, Vol. 8 Issue 1, p87-102. 16p. 1 Illustration, 5 Charts. , Database: Business Source Complete The authors Chung-Hwa, Ho and Tsung-Lin, Lee explains the relationships of creativity between architecture and… Continue Reading →

Architecture in Underground Communities

The article Tapestry of Space: Domestic Architecture and Underground Communities in Margaret Morton’s Photography of a Forgotten New York discusses how the art of studying urban areas came to be, how the city of New York have difficulties with the… Continue Reading →

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