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Annotative Bibliography

Interior design needs for people with Physical Disabilities

Yuen, Ophelia. “AWARENESS OF THE ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN NEEDS OF INDIVIDUALS WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITIES.”   The author discusses how people are ┬ánot aware of disabled people’s daily problems.To support the author’s claim,the author describes and gives examples are how… Continue Reading →

Gender Differences

Jones, RM, et al. “Bedroom Design And Decoration: Gender Differences In Preference And Activity.” Adolescence 42.167 (2007): 539-553 15p. CINAHL Plus with Full Text. Web. 24 Feb. 2016. The authors of this academic journal talks about different things dealing with… Continue Reading →

Silence is Not Bliss

  John. “Gender Disparities in the Design Field.” Smashing Magazine 12 Nov. 2010: 1-2. Print.   The author separates the article into four controversial topics dealing with gender issues. The first topic is statistics- a poll to demonstrate how many… Continue Reading →

Landscape Architecture on Campus

Hough, Mark H. “Landscape Architecture on Campus.” Weblog post. The Field The Professional Landscape Architects’ Network. Landscape Architects at Duke University, 14 Apr. 2014. Web.   According to Mark H. Hough college and university campuses are obsessed with mixing urban… Continue Reading →

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